Famous From Canning Town: Marty Feldman.
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This talented comedian, writer,actor and director was born on July 8th.1933, a son of immigrants from Kiev. Marty Feldman will be remembered for his looks, a nose mangled in a boxing match and walleyed ords caused by a hyperactive thyroid. But, if you search the archives they reveal a huge gift for comedy, off-beat ideas and language. He has 34 writing credits which include his own shows, Monty Python, The Two Ronnies, It’s Lulu, Johnny Carson, The Muppet Show and, for those with long memories Bootsie and Smudge and The Army Game. Marty Feldman wrote what could be Monty Pythons most iconic sketch after the Dead Parrot, the Four Yorkshiremen (look it up). As he said, “the pen is mightier than the sword and much easier to write with”.

Marty Feldman began his career as a trumpet player in a band resident in Dreamland , Margate. By 1968 his career had began to take off and he was appearing in a Dean Martin show, The Gold diggers, acting in comedy skits with Sue Ewing (later of Dallas fame). Arguably, his best role was as IGore (geddit) in the Young Frankenstein in 1974. As a Director he is remembered for “The Last Remake of Beau Geste (1977).


Marty Feldman was famous for sometimes being completely off the wall. In 1976, he was asked to present an Oscar for the Best Live Action Film. As the two directors came up for their prize, he smashed the Oscar of the ground, gave them a shard each and told them it was “made in Hong Kong”.

When he was caught cheating on his wife, he told the press “success has gone to my crotch”.

His comedy talents got Marty Feldman an audience with Groucho Marx but when asked about it he said, “all he (Groucho) talked about was his bowels”.

When asked about fame he said” money can’t buy poverty”.

Marty Feldman died in 1982 of a massive heart attack while filming Yellowbeard in a scene where he was supposed to die. In the best tradition of show business they removed his body and employed a double to finish the scene and die in his place.

A week before he died he gave an interview and said “I am too old to die young and too young to grow-up.

Marty Feldman is buried in Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills near his idol, Buster Keaton.

There is no truth in the rumour he is playing for Arsenal.


Credit: Marty Feldman:The Biography of a Comedy Legend. Robert Ross. Titan Books.

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